For the Love of Pasta!

Pasta is an Italian staple food, and it’s the Italian word for “dough.” All pasta is made from a dough of grain flour mixed with water. Pasta comes in various shapes and sizes. The shape of the noodles determines the name of the pasta:
Spaghetti – “cord”
Linguini – “little tongues”
Vermicelli – “little worms”
Conchiglie – “shells”
Rigatoni – short, wide fluted tubes
Lasagna – broad, sometime ruffled, ribbons of pasta
Fettucine – “small ribbons”
Ravioli – “little turnips”
Rotini – “spirals” or “twists”
Capellini – “fine hairs”
Fusilli – “little spindles”
Penne – “quills”
Tortellini – “little cakes”
Cannelloni – tube-or cane-shaped pasta

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